Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pets ruin my hardwood floors?

In order to minimize wear and tear on hardwood floors, dogs should have their nails groomed regularly and any urine puddles should be cleaned immediately. 

Careful attention should also be given to any urine that might seep through rugs to the hardwood flooring.

Do I need shoe mold?

Shoemolding is needed when there are existing baseboards that will remain in a room. 

It is also put up because wood requires space to expand and contract. Shoemolding or quarteround covers the gaps needed for this process and gives the wood floor a finished look.

How long will my hardwood floor last?

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

We recommend joining our regular maintenance program in order to prolong the beauty of your hardwood floors and keep our expert eyes on your investment.  It is also imperative that a proper hardwood floor cleaner is used for regular cleaning.  The Wood Doctor in San Antonio can assist you with all of these concerns.


How do i keep my wood floors clean?

Basic wood floor cleaning should be done with a dry dust mop. 

In addition, a proper hardwood floor cleaner can be used as needed.  Do not use water ever on your hardwood floor!  A hard surface vacuum can also be used to remove excess dirt and particles, but attention should be given to make sure that no part of the vacuum is damaging the floor.

Can i use stone and/or tile in a pattern with hardwood?

Yes, you can.  Mixing stone and tile with hardwood can give your floor a customized and elegant look.  Throughout the years, we have created and installed some very unique designs for both residential and commercial spaces. 

Please come see us for any and all of your custom hardwood design ideas in San Antonio.

How many times can my hardwood floors be refinished?

Depending on the hardwood flooring you choose, floors can usually be refinished one to five times.  There are some prefinished products that cannot be refinished. 

Solid ¾” hardwood offers the most opportunity for refinishing, up to five times.

What does a finish warranty really mean?

A typical finish warranty on any prefinished product guarantees that you will not walk through the finish for stated amount of time. This warranty has nothing to do with scratching and/or marring of the wood floor, and is dependent on proper maintenance.

Use of water or improper cleaning products will void any wood flooring warranty.

Will sunlight cause my floor to fade?

Yes sunlight can effect your wood flooring.

Most floors will fade due to excessive exposure to sunlight; however, new technology in finishes has been developed to reduce these fading effects.

Why does my hardwood floor show gaps periodically?

Hardwood floors are a natural product that will expand and contract with changes in climate and humidity.

This a natural process that typically will correct itself in time. If gaps remain, they can be filled with an appropriate wood filler.

Will hardwood floors affect the value of my home?

Hardwood floors are one of the fastest and most popular design elements found in both new and remodeled homes today.

This great investment is sure to increase the value of your home or office.