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Flooring Installation

Proper sub floor preparation and professional installation are the key elements to a successful hardwood floor that can last a lifetime. Our expert technicians have seen every situation and are proficient in the three different types of installation for hardwood flooring: floating, glue-down, and nail-down. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals is committed to bringing our customers only the best of work. We will handle all aspects of the installation process and take care to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the entire project. 

Custom Flooring Design

Advanced Wood Floors has created and designed some of the most unique and customized floors in the Alamo City and surrounding areas. We have the resources to create the highest quality hand-cut borders, medallions, parquets, pattern, and strip floors. Our company has been customizing floors of all species for over twenty years and can create different levels of custom hand scraped floors to fit your desired texture and overall look. We create hardwood flooring for you based on sound design, master craftsmanship, and technical expertise. Beautiful and unique, our installations complement the architecture of your home or business. We are always looking forward to our next design challenge!
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Floor Sanding and Refinishing

The process of sanding and (re)finishing hardwood floors is one that requires experienced professionals. Old, worn, faded, and scratched floors can be revitalized and made to look practically new. This process entails sanding the floors down to a smooth raw wood, staining the wood to a color that works for you and your space, and finishing with a sheen of your choice. Our experienced sanding technicians can custom mix stains to match up with existing floors and/or create any desired look. A specialized dust containment system can also be used to limit the amount of dust in the air. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will be happy to come and take a close look at any project you are considering.

Screen and Re-coat

The screen and re-coat procedure for hardwood floors is a cost effective method of revitalizing worn or dull floors. Instead of a complete sanding and refinishing, floors can be brought back to life by screening off a layer of finish and then reapplying an additional coat. Most surface scratches and marring in the wood can be improved, but you should not expect deep scratches and dings to be completely removed.

Clean and Buff

Through this process, our technicians will professionally clean, remove dust, and buff all of your wood floor areas.  Professionally cleaning and buffing will bring your wood floors back to their original beauty.

Regular Maintenance Program

We look forward to helping you maintain the great investment you have made in your home or business with custom hardwood flooring. We offer yearly contracts that keep us in your space on a regular basis and allow us to not only take care of any problems that may arise, but also, prevent future damage from occurring. Call or email today if you would like to hear more about this fabulous program.

Repair & Restoration Work

This work can encompass many different elements and we estimate work based on the specifics of each project. Advanced Wood Floors will take the time to come and look at your home or office and assess everything that will be involved in a repair or restoration project. We efficiently attend to small issues such as patching a bad area and can apply expertise in larger projects that might involve removing and replacing damaged wood. In the end, we will ensure that your floor looks and feels as good as new.

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